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Hilda Gan and Leigh discuss the secrets to being the best version of yourself professionally and personally on the Hey Change Makers Bee Happy Podcast.

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Hilda is passionate about helping people REVUP their potential and want to help you to discover your uniqueness, the “U” in REVUP. We are all unique, but how do you find your special gifts that will let you shine in your brilliance? ✨

Hilda tried many assessments and the one that resonates with her is the Fascinate Test. Developed by Sally Hogshead, it is a science-based assessment tool that will help you discover how you can differentiate yourself from others.

In just 5 minutes, you will discover your hidden talents, highest worth, and unrealized potential! The test gives you insight into how the world sees you, helping you discover your uniqueness and the distinct advantages that will give you confidence when you communicate with others. When you are confident, you build better relationships with clients, colleagues, family and friends.

Hilda has a Black Friday special early with special discounting pricing. Find your light and shine it brightly! ✨

Learn more at: https://buff.ly/3SJyAQQ

Hilda Gan is the Founder and Chief People Officer of People Bright Consulting, an international best-selling author, motivational speaker, leadership and team trainer, the creator of REVUP Your Potential™, the co-creator of the Business Leadership Breakthrough Intensive™ and a Fascination Certified Advisor. Her company provides HR Consulting Services and People Leadership Skills, Team Building and Diversity training. A serial entrepreneur, she created a business recognized as a Best Workplaces in Canada® – top ten twice. She is passionate about helping small and medium-sized business owners and executives succeed by building their confidence as people-centric leaders

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