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Lorrie Huggins, General Manager of Training, Development and Research, YMCA

Cheryl Streete, Principal, Peel District School Board

“Bee Happy Mindfulness was the perfect way to allow my child the opportunity to slow down and explore deep breathing and mindful movement in a safe environment.  He was fully engaged for the duration of the class and left excited to practice his new strategies at home.  The activities were perfect for his emotional regulation needs, tailored to his interests, and open-ended enough that we are able to use them in our daily lives.  The mindfulness bag was a well-thought-out way to encourage the children to continue their own journey at home and provided a motivational boost to share their experiences with other family members.  I would highly recommend Koa Kids to any parent and can’t wait to explore more Koa experiences with my own son.”

Annie – Parent & Teacher

“My kids absolutely loved having the coaches in and really enjoyed learning different ways to help calm their bodies. My students now have a rich bank of tools to help keep them calm and happy! The Bee Happy Mindfulness KOA coaches have inspired one of my students to create their own breath activity and he taught it to the class. He even created a poster!”

Tamara – Teacher

“My kids enjoyed the sessions and the students coming in to demonstrate. They felt relaxed and calm after doing the breathwork and I have used a few as well! ”

Tania – Teacher

“Natalie Gendron is a trained teacher and knows how to connect with children on their own level. Each aspect of her program was carefully planned out to suit the appropriate age group she was working with.  She provided a safe, fun environment where the students were able to try out new poses in a creative way with an engaging storyline to follow.  Self-regulation and mindfulness are practices that should be cultivated in the early years. Being able to calm your body and mind is a skill that students need to practice and build upon. Natalie provided a great foundation for learning these skills.”

Siovan – Teacher

“It’s often hard to get your child to slow down and focus. The Koa Kids workshop presented many tools and methods to help with this. These included yoga exercises, dance, artwork, books, and objects to calm children. It worked brilliantly on all three of my children. I was shocked. Especially when Natalie had all three of them relaxed in Shavasana! Amazing!”

Laura – Parent

“This is a fantastic program, that helps children connect with their feelings and learn valuable calming techniques. These skills have lifelong benefits and we will continue to use them in our class each day. Students enjoyed the content and superhero theme. They were engaged and the instructions were clear. The workshop was also set up so that students who had difficulty self-regulating could sit on their mat, watch or take a minute to lay down if needed. Koa Kids is highly recommended for all children!”

Andrea – Teacher

“I would absolutely recommend this workshop. The detail and thought put into the program is amazing and the fact that participants walk out with usable, practical activities and mindfulness techniques makes attending so worth it!!!”

Stacy – Kindergarten Teacher